Scorpion Holding Co., Ltd. provides leading edge solutions for voice and data applications within the telecommunication carrier and enterprise environments. Representing technologically innovative manufacturers, our product range encompasses transmission and access solutions that enable organizations enhance their customer satisfaction, increase competitive advantage and protect their corporate technology assets while realizing acceptable returns on investment. Coupled with a strong engineering support capability, we custom design solutions based on customer needs and extend onsite operational support as necessary.

Our business approach focuses on implementing secure, reliable and scalable solutions.

1997 Established to provide HDSL equipment to the newly emerging broadband services being introduced by leading Thai carriers. Introduced G.SHDSL products to the Thai market.
1998 - 2000 Expanded range of S.SHDSL with enhanced features and new technologies. Introduced range of digital access cross control equipment to provide convenient transport and switching of carrier network traffic.
2001 Established Vietnam office for telecommunication equipment sales in the Vietnamese market.
2002 Established separate Software Division to provide Point of Sales and Property Management Solutions to the hospitality market in Thailand. Introduced photonics transmission equipment for fast and high bandwidth introduction of point to point transmission.
2003 Established Enterprise Solutions Division to serve large local enterprises ' IT network needs.
2004 - 2005 Expanded range of IP based solutions for carriers and enterprises. Introduced a range of voice compression equipment for use with satellite, mobile and fixed line transport.
2006 Established CCTV Security Solutions Division to provide surveillance and access solutions to Thai enterprises. Began a program of original equipment development for telecommunications access equipment.
2007 Scheduled to launch Scorpius branded G.SHDSL equipment.


Scorpion Holding consist of a dedicated team of 60 peoples. The engineering staff has a considerable background in telecoms engineering. Many employees have worked previously either with manufacturers of telecoms equipment (ATM, Photonics, xDSL) or in the engineering departments of telecoms service providers.

The sales teams specialize in understanding the business of service providers to ensure that network systems designs and proposals meet business needs ahead of technical wizardry.

Most of our staff is multilingual (Thai, Mandarin, Vietnamese and English).

  Because of this mix of skills, we have been able to source the best and most effective products for our markets. We analyze technologies in depth and look at competing products in the context of what are our customer requirements. Our technology partner relationships are based on our belief that the technologies we sell are the ones that best match the requirements of the market. We have long standing relationships with most of our technology partners: our mission is to provide as good a service to them as what we provide to our customers.

We treat each sale as a collaborative process: before we propose any network design to our customers, we make sure that we understand in depth what their business requirements are: any proposed technical solution has to meet these requirements. We believe that any Systems Integrator should add value to the technologies they sell: for this reason we ensure that we will carry out quality assurance and interoperability tests in our labs before any solution is proposed to a customer. Also, because of the skills of our engineering team, we are able to help customers refine their requirements by providing services such as traffic analysis and prediction, link budget analysis, line testing, site surveys, etc. This information is then fed back to our technology partners so that we can work with them to provide a more cost effective and targeted solution.

In order to ensure that our staff's skills are kept current, we organize technical seminars for our customers and prospects at regular basis. This activity ensures that our staff keep the skills necessary to speak about technical subjects with competence, gives our technology partners a targeted platform to introduce new technologies, and provides a valuable information service for our customers. Notification of these seminars will be made through our website and by direct contact.



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